Monday, November 08, 2010

Monica is in Newmarket, again.  This time Monica is spending time with Monica's Mother's ex-in-laws, that is, Monica's Mother's worst enemies.  This is poetic justice!  Will Monica's Mother ever see Monica again, or, is this just another set-up by the cult rings operating in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, a "Death Trap" designed by the authorities.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Monica has moved back to Toronto and is living in a seedy neighbourhood.  Monica was able to tell her Mother where the general area is but not her specific address and Monica’s Mother has been granted visitation privileges.  Monica’s Mother will pick Monica up and drop her off at a convenient street corner.

The original warranty on Monica’s Cochlear Implant Processor expires at the end of October and the extended warranty will cost $80 a month.  The cost of a new Processor is $10,000, less an $8,500 government grant which only applies once every ten years.  If a replacement is required before the end of the ten-year period Monica will have to pay the entire cost.  Ten years, and less than ten years, is the lifespan of a Cochlear Implant Processor.

Monica is now ninety-six pounds, five feet, four inches tall and visibly anorexic.  This happens when people don’t eat.  Monica is unable to work due to her health problems.  Monica’s Mother wants to know … … just what was the purpose of York Region Children’s Aid taking her to Court four times and mandating her to send Monica back to school?  Monica’s poor health does not qualify Monica to be employed so why did she have to go to school?  People with terminal illnesses do not need to develop socializing skills by high society's standards because they’re too sick to leave the house!  Monica has yet to find a doctor to address her medical condition and it is obvious to Monica’s Mother that Monica will be a doctor’s human sacrifice.

Monica will be twenty-one on October 17, 2010.  

Monday, April 05, 2010

Two years have passed almost to the day and Monica’s Mother’s ex-husband graciously granted Monica’s Mother a visit with Monica the day before Easter.  Monica is now 95 pounds.  At 5’ 4” tall, it’s safe to say that Monica is now suffering from anorexia and, Monica now tells her Mother, that she has had several stints at hospitals without Monica's Mother's knowledge.  And they say it’s not true that Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital is in ~ the business of killing children ~ and ditto for Children's Aid.

They’ll have Monica’s Mother believe that ~ she just has not done enough ~ to find medical attention for Monica.  Who is left to report this matter to?

According to Monica, they are no longer living in ~ Newmarket, ~ they live somewhere in Mississauga but, Monica has not been given permission to give her Mother her present address.  Monica promised to come back again to visit.

~ Monica’s Sister is nowhere to be found.~

9:30 p.m. Monday, April 5, 2010
Monica's Mother's receives a phone call from her ex-husband but he blocks the phone # from call ident, as usual, so Monica's Mother can't call back.  He advises Monica's Mother that she cannot see Monica again and abruptly hangs up.  Is he trying to force Monica's Mother to suicide?  That's the way Monica's Mother sees it.  Monica's Mother has one foot in her grave and the other in her coffin and so does Monica.  Who should Monica's Mother report this incident to?  NO ONE!  She's been warned by the authorities... ... it's the nut house for her!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monica is one of the victims!

Why wasn't Monica prescribed any medication?

Monica's Mother wants to know!

~ WellChild ~

~ Fighting Spirit ~

~ Drive for Stem Cell Donors ~

But ... ...


Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 - The Summer of Influenza

Doctors are giving parents permission to keep their children home if they catch the flu! Well, this is unheard of! What's the big deal about the flu? Apparently, this flu bug can be deadly! What about strokes? Let me assure you, if this conidition goes untreated it is also deadly.
Monica was a victim of a pediatric stroke and Monica's Mother was taken to court four times and mandated to send Monica back to school before Monica had fully re-couperated. In a short period of time Monica's condition deteriorated since Monica's medical needs were not addressed by the doctors caring for her.
Where's the justice in our society? We've all heard of ~ "The Blind Lady of Justice" ~ and that's just what these female judges are, blind (and deaf and dumb). Or, was this done out of spitefulness? Yes, that's what Monica's Mother thinks, it was done out of spitefulness. Monica's Mother wishes these women had stayed home and sat on their asses instead of going to University and ditto for all the female doctors who put their hands on Monica. Monica's Mother's experience with females in positions of responsibility has been that they are all lesbians and they recruit, and how. We an say farewell to the family unit now that Gay Pride has rights. Who knew that if you give gays to many rights those of us who are straight don't have any!
What does Monica's future hold for her now that she is left without hearing and still with medical issues that the doctors refuse to address nine years after the fact so the doctors don't "lose face". Well, with three lawyers in Monica's Mother's family you would think they would have found a way out of this hell for Monica and Monica's Mother. Yes, they did! They trolled us both to the umpest and left us for the welfare rolls and, as everyone knows, no one listens to the complaints of us low lifes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

and one small step forward!
What are Monica's Mother's chances of finding a lawyer who can pull this off and a Judge who will rule in her favour all at the same time?
Where does a mother find medical attention in Toronto GTA for her child who has suffered a childhood stroke? Nine years have passed and Monica's Mother is still knocking on doctor's doors.
Where can Monica's Mother find Monica who is now over 18 and is living somewhere in ~ Newmarket, Ontario, Canada? ~
Well, when Monica’s Mother finds Monica, maybe Monica and her Mother can take a trip to San Francisco since it seems the medical community understands this problem there. Why not? Yes, Monica and her Mother will wear some flowers and their hair and gentle people will meet us there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here's a TV commercial that aired for several decades starting in the 1970's.


My, how things have changed!

~ Parents don't have to know where their children are anymore. ~

According to the authorities it's none of our business!

"Their parents can't make them do anything they don't want to do." ~

~ Are you sure? ~

As far as the authorities are concerned we should all go straight to hell!

I’d like to take a moment to warn all those kids out there, somewhere, where their parents won’t find them … … Beware of all those ~ cult rings ~ lurking in the shadows {in particular the Ku Klux Klan ~(K.K.K)~, the next generation}, they’re everywhere!

Friday, April 25, 2008

An E-Mail To Monica’s Sister From Monica’s Mother Because Monica’s Mother Doesn’t Have Monica's Sister's Phone Number.

I know I told you I had Monica apply for the Disability Benefit and everything was going well until I called last month to follow up and the Rep told me that Monica's Grandmother, (paternal), had called her and things have changed.

What does this old, illiterate, immigrant woman have to do with my daughter, Monica? Monica had no knowledge of her grandmother calling the Disability office. I’ve told Monica to call the Rep and follow up herself but she tells me she doesn't have the number. I know she took the entire folder with her when she left and probably handed it over to her grandmother.

Do you think this is fair to Monica? They’ve tied and gagged me and no help from you either. Can't you just buy a gun and shoot me? I'd appreciate it.

Can you please look into this and see what you can find out?


Does everyone know yet that ex-husband’s can do whatever they want to ex-wives and the police and lawyers let them get away with it? Monica’s Mother is living proof. Monica’s Mother’s ex-husband does whatever he wants and Monica’s Mother has to take it. The police and lawyers make sure of it. And what good is having lawyers in the family when they just dig your grave further when you’re in trouble?

Don’t rock the boat. It’s not good for their careers.

All these laws and legislation … … What laws and legislation?

Does this country have Divorce Laws? Not in Monica’s Mother’s case. ~ It’s a free for all – a lawless society.~
Monica tells me she working on weekends now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

And Another E-mail. Why Does Monica's Mother Bother?

I have an 18 year old daughter who is in the process of applying for the Ontario Disability Program. Her name is Monica.

According to the woman who interviewed her, she should have no problem receiving the benefit since there is no denying she is deaf and this alone is enough to qualify.

Monica has been in poor health since she was 10 and I’ve been fighting with doctors to provide medical treatment. Since she did not receive any treatment whatsoever, her condition deteriorated and she lost her hearing. I know there are still several treatments that will improve her condition but the doctors I’ve been dealing with seem to be so busy covering up their mistakes and refuse to give her proper care and this alone will eventually send her to a point of no return. It seems to be their intention where she is concerned. I’m convinced they want to institutionalize her.

Relying on social benefits is never a good thing but it is necessary for her survival. I’d like to point out that if she had been attended to properly, by qualified doctors, this would not have happened and she would still be well and she would not have to fall into the hands of “The System”. I know there are treatments to improve her health but the doctors have so far refused to administer them.

I wonder how many others are on the disability roles only because the doctors are holding back on treatment? Or are they just trying to generate their own business? Isn’t this practice costing taxpayers a lot of money?

As a mother my world has fallen apart and you can imagine that Monica’s has as well. What’s wrong with our medical system that doctors refuse to treat their patients so they will regain their health? If the treatment is expensive, the cost of going on the disability benefit for the rest of her life will probably amount to much more.

If you think about it, is that the reason why the disabled are being forced into the workforce now? There’s a savings on both ends. No disability benefits and no medical expenses.

Something is very wrong.

Monica's Mother Writes Another Letter (slightly edited). Why Does She Bother?

Re: Our Medical System

I’m writing, again, to bring to your attention the problems I have finding medical attention for my daughter in Toronto.

My daughter became ill seven years ago and I was unable to get medical attention for her in Aurora with her family doctor who refused to deal with the problem so I went for a drive to Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto and there she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It has been seven years since I set foot in Sick Kid’s and to date there have been no prescribed drugs given to her. She is having strokes/seizures, she has problems breathing, she’s lost some motor abilities and has lost her hearing.

I’ve tried to ask for a second opinion but have not been able to get a referral because everyone I’ve spoken to tells me if she’s been seen at Sick Kids she’s been seen by the best. It’s not true. I’ve filed reports with the Police, ----------------, -------- and many others with no help in sight.

How can a person who is having these symptoms not be on medication? No drugs to control her strokes, no puffer to help her breathe and they refuse to send her for physiotherapy to help her regain her strength. The only thing the doctor has given her is CoEnzyme Q10. Not a prescription drug. All this neglect when everywhere in the world stroke victims are being treated with ~ stem cells. ~

I’m convinced that the doctors have stamped her file with “Let her die”. I have three lawyers in my family who insist I do not pursue this because I won’t win a malpractice suit. This is not about malpractice I just want my daughter to have medical attention. Who do my family members think they are not to help her? Isn’t this premeditated manslaughter?

This has been going on long enough! I don’t want to bury my daughter. I want to know what measures I have to take to have a doctor address her medical problems.

--------------------------------------- etc., etc.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Does Monica have botulism? The symptoms are very similar. Strokes/seizures, loss of hearing, difficulty breathing, loss of motor abilities ~ on a lesser scale than the people mentioned in the article above. What could she have eaten that was contaminated with it? Anything. It could happen to anyone.

One thing is certain, when healthy people suddenly develop the symptoms above, they are hospitalized and health professionals monitor the situation and they are thoroughly tested. Was Monica hospitalized? No.

Can Monica’s Mother ask for this testing? She’ll be digging Monica’s grave.

Has Monica been selected for elimination?

Perhaps Monica’s Mother should file a police report? Aren’t seven enough?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monica’s Mother Loses Her Job

… and so she’s one step closer to the welfare rolls.

Monica no longer has her part-time job either since it was a seasonal job, so Monica has applied for Disability Benefits through the Government because being deaf and having a terminal illness qualifies a person for this benefit. Who knew! Of course there’s an application process to go through and hopefully all will go well. Well, what a load off Monica’s shoulders to know that she doesn’t have to go to work and pass out or get so run down and then be bedridden for days until she recuperates! She can still work if her health holds up and if she can find work with deductions from the amount of the benefit depending on her income. Now that Monica knows she can go to the dentist and can have medicine and some pocket money of her own she can concentrate on feeling better and with all this stress relieved, she feels better already. So does Monica’s Mother. All that's left is to find a doctor who can identify a medication that will improve Monica's health but first they have to make the right diagnosis. That won't be difficult. Monica's Mother hasn't found one yet. It's been seven years since Monica's health started to deteriorate and not one prescription has been written for drugs to improve Monica's health. Alternative medicine and vitamins have gotten Monica this far. What does this tell us? Doctors in Canada promote alternative medicine. If they don't prescribe anything when you visit that will make you feel better or relieve your pain, the only option is to look into alternative medicine.

Let’s face it, Monica’s Mother is middle age and it’s not unusual for people to drop dead from heart attacks and strokes at fifty. Let’s not forget there’s also a chance Monica’s Mother can perish in a car accident. It happens often. Once Monica qualifies for this benefit, Monica and her Mother can rest a little easier that, if Monica’s Mother does drop dead, Monica will not be fed to the wolves. Are you sure?

Who do these teachers think they are brainwashing children with disabilities into believing there’s a ton of opportunities for them? Monica’s Mother has a College Diploma ~ a lot of good it did her! Monica’s Mother is now unemployed and job prospects are bleak.
Does there seem to be a lawsuit in this experience? Not a chance. What good is having all these lawyers in our family?
Stay tuned for updates ... ... ...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No reply from Monica's Mother's Cousin in Criminal Law ... ....

Monica and her Mother get "Trolled" by the authorities.
But why?
Because they can and they know how.

What about Monica’s Mother’s relatives who are in positions to help? If they don’t look out for their own, who do they look out for?

Well, as the saying goes,

“When one door shuts, another one opens.”

In this case all those doors AND windows were shut and which new ones have opened to offer the opportunities Monica would have had if she had walked through one of the other doors? None. The same is true for Monica’s Mother.

On another note, things have changed for Monica since she has moved back with her Mother. Both Monica and her Mother agree that apartment living is great!

Monica started College and finds it a bit too much to handle even though it is a light course load and Monica’s Mother drives her to the College door and picks-up and drives her home. Taking Public Transit would not have worked since it would have worn her out. Monica’s tired and finds College a bit overwhelming so is considering taking a lighter course load which will extend her course and it will take four years instead of two to complete the diploma course. Monica’s Mother thinks this might work and has no regrets about not sending her out of town to University. Monica has received a lot of support from the College staff and through the changes they are planning to make to her program Monica hopes to find some balance.
Monica is having problems with insomnia and is now taking prescribed medication and hopes this too will pass. Monica's health has lots of room for improvement and Monica's Mother feels Monica has been left in limbo in this regard and without a support network to rely on. "Figure it out for herself." Living without the sense of hearing is difficult whether you are born deaf or you lose your hearing later in life and being belittled to think that you should try harder and do better is not a good approach as far as Monica's Mother is concerned. The devices available online at ~The Canadian Hearing Society~ relieve a lot of stress, confusion and worry and Monica's Mother is so glad to have looked into it. Most people think that a cochlear implant is the solution to deafness but it's only an aid. There are many more hurdles to overcome.
Memories of Sesame Street

(a favorite at Monica's Mother's House)

Monica insists on working part-time so she can have her own money even though Monica’s Mother prefers Monica concentrate on her studies but this was not negotiable since Monica likes to have money to spend as opposed to nickel and diming it. She was hired at a wonderful bookstore a short walk from the apartment and loves working in that environment. It even has it’s own coffee shop. As a matter of fact, Monica was given the opportunity by one of her College Professors to interview a grand daughter of a member of The Famous Five as part of a project and Monica arranged to meet her at the coffee shop for the interview. Monica was thrilled.

Monica’s Mother had never heard of The Famous Five and so she did some homework online. ~The Famous Five~ were ~“Suffragists”~. And Monica’s Mother realized that having had this experience, she falls into the ranks of ~“Suffragettes”~. So many doors and windows have shut and this one has opened.

Monica’s Sister hasn’t been seen or heard from in awhile since she changed her phone number and Monica’s Mother can’t get in touch with her anymore and doesn’t know where she is living and hasn’t seen her in several years, and so Monica’s Mother thought it was time to file a Police Report. Well, the Police did find Monica’s Sister but wouldn’t tell Monica’s Mother where she was because Monica’s Sister didn’t want her to know where she is, and the law respects Monica’s Sister’s rights.

Monica’s Mother tried to explain that she was having anxiety attacks and at times felt suicidal being separated from her daughter who could be offering Monica so much support and guidance and, for that matter, her mother as well. The Police explained that if Monica’s Mother threatens to commit suicide they are obligated, by law, to bring her to a Psychiatric Hospital for assessment and treatment.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


It’s been awhile since the last time we spoke and I hope this letter finds you well. I just had to get in touch with you to let you know how much trouble you’ve left me in since you wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...

... ... According to my Ex, he is divorcing the woman he left me for after five years of marriage and just enough time to totally destroy me and my children. ... ... ... ... but I have to sit and rot with my hands tied, my back to the wall and my mouth taped shut. That’s what happens when you have a restraining order on you (nice move!).

My younger daughter is living with me, for now. She is attending College and her father will pick her up for lunch on occasion but I wasn’t allowed within 500’ of the school and call her if he wants on the cell phone I purchased for her and continue to pay the bills for because I wasn’t allowed to call the house. She spent the last few months of the school year living with a boyfriend and his parents in ... since her father & stepmother threw her out a few times but no one called me and I’m just finding out now. That was after they sent her to work in as a Gas Station Attendant so she could have enough money to buy the necessities of life and therefore was unable to save any money. My daughter is deaf except for the use of the processor that comes with the cochlear implant and is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She needs medication but the doctors won’t give her any because they have the option to kill her if they want to and I’ve now been informed that the cochlear implant comes with a three year warranty that has just expired and now she’ll be responsible for the cost of maintaining it and no drug plan covers this expense. The batteries alone cost $1,200 a year. Who would treat a terminally ill child this way let alone the Mother of this child.

My older daughter is back from England where she worked as a nanny for almost two years (we once lived in a neighborhood where the neighbors employed nannies), but she didn’t get in touch with me and I finally found her phone number on my younger daughter’s cell phone and was able to call her but neither she or anyone else will tell me where she is. I per chanced to cross her path just today and I’ve taken down her Licence Plate #-----------. According to her she is living with a boy and his father ... ... but won’t say anything else. I wonder if I can somehow find out her address from tracking the Plate number?

All my family members in law enforcement and related fields will be more than happy to pick my dead children up off the street but refuse to intervene. How must this look on you? What kind of a reputation do you all have since you are my relatives and each had a hand at destroyed me and my family by not giving me the benefit of the doubt? What's in this for you to destroy me and my children?

Have I rotted enough? Apparently not. Look at all the trouble I’ve gotten into because I thought to keep my sick child home from school while she was under assessment at Sick Kids. Didn’t your mother home school your brother for a year thirty years ago? There will be no end to me rotting as far as everyone is concerned since I don’t have a University degree and therefore am no one important with those who do.

I am no longer in touch with any family members (and haven't been for several years) because they refuse to give me the help I need and I don’t “be nice enough” to them. Although I’ve notified as many law enforcement agencies and government boards as I could think of but they all give the upper hand to the people with University Degrees.

It suddenly occurred to me that, for some reason, you don’t understand this stuff. But how can this be if you’re a criminal lawyer? ... ... ... ... ... Lucky for me since (my family) have several family members in the Canadian Military since the late 1950’s and still are! After all this, the bad guys win!
... ... ...

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I spoke with my Ex last week and he tells me he and Monica went to the University to meet with Admissions (Why wasn't I invited?) who told them they would place Monica with a teacher aid. I think, why bother? $65,000 ++++ interest later and she won't have a job anyway. I can afford college, there are three year courses she can take ... why bother with University ... there's no jobs ... and one day we'll all be dead and nothing will matter. She can work. She already has. The more you make the more taxes you pay. Why would she want the responsibility? Or should she go to University so she can marry well? You know, $65,000 will cover about 8 years welfare and that doesn't include the cost of a teacher aid. I wonder what the cost of a teacher aid is?

I went to a Counselor not too long ago who told me, "You have options. If you want to go on welfare, you have this option." Is she sure? Not likely. Of course, if Monica wants to go to University just for interest sake, that's another story. Who are they kidding?

On the other hand, $65,000 ++++ interest will probably take her on a trip around the world. What an education that would be!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Monica’s Mother decided to call the University’s Accessibility Office to make sure they had all the information about Monica’s special needs so Monica will fit in well when she moves into the dormitory on Campus.

Well, much to Monica’s Mother’s surprise, the University admission forms pertaining to Disabilities were left blank on Monica’s University application. Is it not required that Monica’s Catholic School Teachers make the University aware of the special needs program Monica was in at High School? Yes. Not only is it required that they know about her special program, but a medical form completed by Monica’s Physician is required to submit the application.

Didn’t Monica’s Catholic School Teachers know this? Yes. Gravediggers - each and every one of them. Who would have thought that teachers would set up a child with disabilities and who was diagnosed by Sick Children’s Hospital as having a terminal illness in such a fashion that she is doomed for failure? Did Monica’s Mother ever in her wildest nightmares think that professionals would be capable of doing this? You bet she did. Monica’s mother’s cousins are teachers and lawyers. Gravediggers - each and every one of them.

What about the fact that Monica didn’t carry a full load of courses didn’t go to school everyday because of her illness and Monica’s Mother isn’t sure she has all her credits since the Catholic High School she attended refused to send her copies of report cards? Gravediggers – each and every one of them. Monica’s Mother wasn’t nice enough and didn’t give them the upper hand.
There is a law in place that in case of divorce both parents have rights to have report cards. The problem is it doesn't stand up in Court. Lawyers have no clout in this Country's School System according to Monica's Mother's lawyers. Teachers! Gravediggers - each and every one of them.

We’ll have to wait until the Accessibility Office looks into the matter for some feedback.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Monica is making plans to go to University out of town. Her teachers have encouraged her, built up her self-esteem and have her psyched for it. This four year out of town adventure will cost Monica between $55,000 and $65,000 +++ interest (equivalent of about 8 years social benefits), and since Monica's Mother can’t afford to foot the bill it looks like the Government loans will cover it and, if she is able to complete the course, she will be in debt at the time of her graduation the sum of a small mortgage. Will she find a job? Who knows? After all, that is the point of higher learning – to find a job in your field and apply your skills. But these days the teachers encourage our children to attend Universities and Colleges out of town because it’s a great experience to live away from home and have all that freedom!

Who am I to discourage this let alone insist she stay? Why, I’m a human being and sombody's mother. Monica’s Mother. However, I'm no one important as far as the school system and society are concerned. I don’t count. Monica can pursue this – they will make sure of it just to spite her Mother.

By the way, I wonder if anyone knows where Monica’s Sister is? She was only able to complete one year of University out of town and is therefore only in debt to the Government for about $13,000.
I haven’t seen or heard from her in quite awhile. If you find her please ask her to call her Mother.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"May you always wake up with a song in your head and a prayer in your heart!"

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I’m writing this e-mail hoping it falls into the right hands.

I have a daughter who lost her hearing a few years ago and was
given a ~cochlear implant.~
She has also been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her name is Monica and she attends a Catholic School in Newmarket.

We are separated because of divorce and no one keeps me up to date with school or medical reports even though I’ve tried to go through legal channels and I’ve even filed a Police Report.

The school will not send me Report Cards or keep me up to date with her progress even though I’ve written letters to the Principal requesting they do so.

Just recently my daughter informs me she has applied to University. I’m sure the school gives her their full support. Isn’t this inhumane? Where will she get the money.

My older daughter was shipped off to University in Guelph without my signature on the forms, without my consent but with a message from her father to me to fork out the cash. She attended for one year and left. It cost her over $13,000. She is now in debt with nothing to show for it.

What kind of a Social System is this when a mother has been stripped of her rights to see her children by a bunch of lying, cheating bitches and bastards who are above the law!

There is a reason for this. They live in Newmarket and her step-mother works for Ford.

She is also sent to work at a burger joint for spending money because her father refuses to give her any. They blame it on me not paying my support. My lawyer called the shots and the deal was no spousal support for me and I was off the hook for child support. I told him this would happen! What kind of a lawyer does this? Now my terminally ill child is forced to work so she can have clothes, they don't want her to visit with me and I'm lucky to have food because I can't find a job. They might let me keep the one I'm working at now after five years of off and on working temp. Here's the catch - I don't have a disability or a terminal illness. What will University train my daughter for if there's no jobs even if she is capable of completing the course.

Talk about getting screwed royally!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


In another attempt to find some help for Monica and to resolve these issues, I recently received a telephone call in reply to an e-mail I sent to The Ministry of Education.

The woman first asked if I could explain a few things, and afterward apologized and told me,
“It’s not the Ministry’s place to intervene.”

It’s not the Ministry’s place ~~~~~ It’s not the Police’s place ~~~~~ It’s not the Church’s place ~~~~~ It’s not Children’s Aid place ~~~~~ It’s not Human Rights place ~~~~~
It’s not the Lawyer’s place ~~~~~ It’s not the Doctor’s place ~~~~~ It’s not the Premier’s place ~~~~~ It's not Monica's Mother's place!

Whose place is it ?

Could it be that there are loopholes in “The System”?

I’m convinced they want to make a human sacrifice of my daughter, Monica! Isn't this a criminal offense?

This is some kind of a Cult!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Monica called last week, after many months of being separated from her, to tell me she would spend some time with me during March Break. I was ecstatic and ran out to the grocery store to splurge on her favorite foods. When she comes to visit I always feed her non-stop because she’s severally underweight and always has dark circles under her eyes. When she leaves she’s revitalized.
This time was no different. She’s being sent out to work weekends 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. at the local burger joint to earn her keep (I assumed a burger joint - no - Monica was sent to work at a gas station) and along with going to school five days a week, it runs her down. According to the Human Rights Commission, “If she wants to go to work and drop dead on the job, it’s her choice.”
She arrived with her duffle bag full of personal belongings and two plastic bags full of vitamin containers. According to Monica, a few month’s ago she had a visit to Sick Childrens’ Hospital and they gave her a list of vitamins to take to help her condition. It included: Vitamin C, E, Calcium, Omega Oil and CoEnzyme Q10. I’m sure this is not what Boston Sick Children’s Hospital meant by “Vitamin Therapy”. And where was the L-Carnitine?
All a little too late. Is this the best they can do? There is a saying out there that goes something like, “If vitamins can make you feel better, there is a medication that can help a great deal more.”
To think that I had taken her to Naturopathic Doctors before York Region Children’s Aid so rudely invaded our lives. She was taking a similar therapy at that time when she could still hear and Children’s Aid insisted I take her off the vitamins because they “Don’t support Naturopathic Medicine”. I would settle for prescribed medication but they wouldn’t prescribe any. WRONG ANSWER! Off I went to Court to fight my case.
I’m convinced they are going to make a human sacrifice of Monica. This appears to be some kind of a cult!
Next we discussed her plans for University and her teachers give her their full support. She would like to live with me. I like that idea a lot! The condition being I must not say a bad word about my ex-husband and her stepmother. But where will she get the money for University? I don’t have it. I discussed her going to College since I can afford that. WHAT DO I KNOW! I brought to her attention that there are no jobs in this City. I looked for five years and couldn’t find one until now and I have skills and no disabilities.
This was more than Monica could handle and enough to cut our visit short. She called her father to pick her up and he was here in an instant.


Memories of Sesame Street
(a favorite at Monica's Mother's House)

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I want to explain why I created this blog.
*Last fall there was a shooting at ~ Dawson College ~ where a young man, Kimveer Gill, opened fire on staff and students. The news reported about his blog and the messages he had written. At that time I had never heard of "BLOGS" so I decided to investigate and I found enough information online to get started.*This act of violence provoked me to create this blog. I have been dealing with problems that I can't resolve related to my daughter who was a victim of bullying in elementary school so severe that she eventually developed health problems and I pulled her out of school and decided to home school. The rest is too complicated to explain but if you read on into the Archives it will paint the picture.
Kimveer had written about bullying problems in his blog and blamed this bullying for other problems he developed later. He also wrote that no one cared. My daughter was destroyed by it and there's no turning back. No one cared.*I've used the blog to illustrate the avenues I've taken to try to help my daughter to no avail, and I've sent letters to Government and Interest Groups to try to find and end to all of this. I thought it would be more effective than just sending letters and all the copies of letters I had
written to others. I wonder if it's passed your desk? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I've written many more letters and spoken to many agencies over the past five years including filing a Police Report and I get nowhere.
According lawyers I have spoken to and my family members who are lawyers "You can't fight Children's Aid.", "No one wins Malpractice suits in Canada." and "Lawyers have no clout in the School System".*
If they say so it's true! What's left?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monica's Mother's Reply to Rob's Comments

Rob's E-Mail:

Thanks for the reply. A lot of interesting stuff in it.

I pray that your daughter has good hearing.

How is her health other than her hearing?

That must be VERY hard not seeing your daughter, I also pray that the Lord's will be done with your daughter.

What benefits have you found from maintaining your blog?
My Reply:

Dear Rob,

My blog has upset a lot of people including my children who can’t understand why I would do this. I thought it would be an effective way of relaying this experience I’ve had and I set it up with the intention of sharing it with other groups, media and government just as an alternative to sending copies of all the letters I’ve written. I did pass on the URL address to a lot of them who are not in the habit of writing back but I keep an eye on the news reports and see some related stories.

Thanks for your prayers.

Monica is deaf now but can hear with the use of the cochlear implant quite well. Since she had full hearing until she was eleven there was little to adjust to and was a Godsend, after the fact. I did add a link to the September and October archive in the "Letter to Monica's Catholic ~High School Principal"~ that takes you to a website all about cochlear implants. According to doctors her hearing will not return. As far as the rest of her health, there is lots of room for improvement if I can find a way for her to fall into the right hands. It’s hard to believe but the Medical Doctors up here don’t feel the same way and have given her no hope. The Naturopathic Doctors were a great help while she was living with me. However, Children’s Aid of York Region is opposed to alternative medicine and insisted I take her off it. It was part of the case against me and they accused me of “self-medicating” and dragged me to Court four times because I refused to send her back to school. The school system and community where she lives is of the belief that hard work and slave labor builds character and makes you stronger. As far as I’m concerned she’s being abused but I guess it’s all relative and I’ve been labeled overprotective (and worse) and no one wants to listen to my complaining. These small towns are notorious for being “controlled”. Things would have been very different for her if we had stayed in Toronto. It was a bad move on our part but these things can’t be anticipated.

Monica accepts the diagnosis that this is as good as it gets so does the rest of the family and they don’t want me to pursue this so they keep her away from me as if they don’t want her to get better. I don’t understand this. She tires very easily and needs a lot of sleep. It’s part of the illness and it makes a huge difference when she is allowed to rest and sleep. She’s encouraged to do things everyone else does and she does on the most part, no choice. They seem to use her to prove a point. How her mother wants to deal with this matter is irrelevant. “The System” has the upper hand and will deal with it their way.

Not seeing my children is very difficult and makes me numb to everything else. It’s psychological abuse. Add to this that the school refuses to keep me up to date with her progress and the Doctors won't give me reports either.
I didn't see them for Christmas, by the way, because I refused to delete this blog.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monica's Mother Reflects on the Past Year

Over the past year I’ve seen Monica maybe twice. They have her convinced that I’m not worth her time. “I can’t make her come to visit”. They won’t have it any other way! I must succumb to their demands and the every wish of my ex-husband and his new wife or they’ll have a restraining order put on me. Even if they have to lie to get it. They did. According to one lawyer I spoke to, “If they lie, I can’t help you.” It’s impossible to deal with born liars. No one cares. Add to this the fact that it is a way of life in that community where it seems that all the residents are divorced. Of course I would have never expected this from this man whom I was married to for 21 years. Yes, I did. And this is the reason why I stayed with him so long. I knew from past experience the path I would take if it came to divorce. Just as I saw my ex-brother-in-law take the same path, they destroyed me and took my children. It’s a trait of people where they come from.

I’ve missed birthdays, proms and special occasions. All these feathers in their caps in an attempt to destroy me. It’s just a game for them. They have to destroy someone. It’s my turn. All these psychological abuse tactics. This started a short time before our separation. No. It was in the works since before the marriage. Some twisted, sick people are like this. They are. My family was there for me. No. I must deserve it. No one in my family would have believed that people like this existed! They do.

They're quite calculated and in addition to all of this have been able to brainwash my children. Suddenly, they have no fond memories of me. I was a wonderful mother. It’s true! But no, their stepmother is a much better mother than I am and so thoughtful and caring. Their stepmother insists they believe this and they tell me often. The divorce was all my fault. I’m just jealous that he loves her more than he ever cared for me and they have walked into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Oh, how I wish she had known him in high school so she could have had him right from the start.
Remember that movie, "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle"?

Monday, November 06, 2006


"May you always wake up with a song in your head and a prayer in your heart!"

Friday, November 03, 2006

This Story Unfolds in
September and October

Monica's Mother's Sister's e-mail

I read your blog. I seriously think you should remove it for your good and the good of your daughters. You should let them know that you have removed it right away so it could help to start some healing for them.

If you want to talk about this you can call me.

My Reply to Monica's Mother's Sister's e-mail

To the Moon Monica’s Mother’s Sister!
To the Moon!

About Monica's Mother's Family

Monica's Mother comes from a large family whose help and support are priceless except for the fact that they haven’t offered any! Minor details and few exceptions.

Thanks to all the higher learners in this family who dug my grave, I have had to resort to this! I deserve it – No! I can’t be with my children – Why! Kiss ass – Fat chance of that happening! Run like the wind – I did, and how! Don’t rock the boat – they have reputations to maintain and want to move up in the world. With family like this who needs enemies?

What happened to, “Blood is thicker than water.” I’m adopted, they say. I say, so are they! And so it’s been several years that I have had no communication with my family members. What a Godsend! In this case, yes. It’s difficult to deal with all their psychological abuse tactics when I have to fight a war to save my daughters and myself.

The obvious fact that they want so desperately for me to fail is evident in every move they make. It’s always against me. Not that they are bent on destroying me. Are you sure?

I admit there is a communication problem between us. They don’t see the path
I want to take, they only see where they want me to go.

They don’t “Speaka My Language”.

My thanks to those who have offered help and to the few who have gone out of their way. It has come to this just the same, as I told them it would considering the people I’m dealing with.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My reply to Anonymous' e-mail

reread the blog and you just have to let it go! This is a form of harassment and since you are noting her directly its unappreciated. Why don't you just talk to your daughters one on one instead of doing this. What you should do, and what I suggest is writing it in a journal, saved on your computer and then keep it off the internet. I know that you are most likely angry at the world right now and if writing it out is your outlet then you should stick to it. But in a less public way. How is that suggestion?


You are still missing the point!

You must be living in some small hick town or perhaps a cave with this attitude. To think that there are people like you, in this day and age when everyone is travelling to other countries for Stem Cell Surgery to cure whatever ails them. Monica developed health problems and has been diagnosed with a terminal illness but wherever I turn people like you tell me to leave it alone. You're bent on destroying her! To the point that I can't even spend time with her. Who's ass are you trying to save? Not Monica's.

Not too long ago a young boy in Toronto died of starvation at the hands of Children's Aid because they turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. I'm sure you've heard about this incident. It was all over the news and they even had a Court hearing. A lot of good it does after the child is dead.

Monica's health deteriorated because I was forced to follow the mandates of the                      ~Court in Newmarket.~ At the hands of Children's Aid Monica is now deaf! I'm tired of everyone telling me to let her die! Monica has the right to live and I have the right to be with my daughter. Thanks to all of you who have her convinced that her mother is not worth her time and that she should die young, she's given up.

There are several treatments available for these health problems but the Doctors don't want to give her any. It's a matter of principal. They don't want to give a person without a University Degree the upper hand. They play Russian Roulette with our children's lives. In this case, they don't care! Why?

And since when do Teachers have more control over these children than their parents? They do in York Region!

I feel compelled to find help for my daughter! And who are you and who are they to insist otherwise?

I wonder if you remember or have ever heard of an old movie, "Lorenzo's Oil"?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Marilyn Monroe: Diamond´s are a girl's best friend

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Monica's Ex-boyfriend's e-mail

Hello once again,

Yes, I am 18, the only coaching I have received has been from my parents when I was growing up. As for the "I'm not a parent" part... you don't know me, I have a 3 year old sister that I end up taking care of quite a lot. I know that if someone tried to harm her in any way I would make sure they suffer for it. If my sister is in any need of help, I will try to help her, but if my sister refuses my help I will still respect that.

I guess if you really continue claiming that I am being 'coached' I'd have to say it is probably the fact that I am very interested in philosophy.

You ask who exactly I am... I am Monica's ex-boyfrined, a friend, and someone who respects his friends. I have never claimed any authority over her, nor am I challenging yours, or at least the very little that is left.

I posed you with the question: "What do you do when Monica turns 18 and decides to completely cut off all ties with you?" Are you going to try to force her to stay with you? If that is the case then she can easily sue you for abduction.

I am not really judging you because, honestly you hold no value to me. I don't know you, you don't know me, you attempt something that in the end will fail no matter what because your daughter does NOT want you to succeed.

Again, one cannot judge without knowing all the facts, which I obviously do not. Therefore I am not judging you, I am just telling you that unless you do something about the situation, you are going to lose your daughter not to an illness, but to the fact that she would rather not see you

Take this however you want,

PS. My name is spelled "SVETLIO" :) ...

My reply to Monica's Ex-boyfriend's e-mail

I apologize for misspelling your name.

The thing is, "I live in Toronto where we have freedom of speech".

You live in Newmarket. You don't have this privilege. Didn't anyone tell you?

I'm convinced that all concerned are prepared to make a human sacrifice of my daughter, Monica, by not helping to provide proper care and medical attention. This appears to be some kind of a cult!

I find your e-mails offensive and even a bit threatening, so this will be my last reply.

Pearls of Wisdom

“There are all these laws but at the end of the day everything is legal.”

Replies to Monica's Mother's letters

I received no written replies addressing the content of my letters from anyone, but I did receive a few suggestions of whom else to contact. Keep in mind that the letters posted below are only a few of the dozens I have written over the past five years since Monica developed health problems and about the bullying problems at school.I received a few phone calls in reply to my letters whereby I had the opportunity to vent my frustrations, but no progress was made in my favour.The Human Rights Commission scheduled an appointment to meet with them whereby I had the opportunity to vent more of my frustrations and bring them up to date. I was advised by the agent, “There are all these laws but at the end of the day everything is legal.”

Monica's Mother thinks..................

"Who gave these people all this authority to destroy my daughter and my relationship with her?"

Monica's Mother knows..........

Professionals have a support network and know all the angles.

In the end, they always come up smelling like roses.

My reply to Monica's Sister's e-mail

Monica's Sister doesn't understand.

What are you doing??? What is this for??? So the whole world can see what exactly??? I don't understand.... Why did you do this??? Does Monica know about it??? Does Dad??? I'm so amazed that you would do something like this that I don't even know what to say.....people aren't going to just accidentally stumble upon this page you know.... I googled it and nothing came up that was related to your page....

I did this because I know how!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm a wonderful mother. It's my place to protect them and find them help in anyway they need it.

This is a little desperate? YES!!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm being persecuted for being a good mother and Monica is the big loser. This treatment is inhumane.

This is Canada and we have rights! No! I have no rights! Where does that leave my children?

Why did they do this to us? Because they can and they know how!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My reply to "Comments" from Monica's ex-boyfriend, friends, etc., etc..........

Well, I wasn't expecting this!

You seem to be missing the point. You don't know the details of Monica's illness nor the fact that there are different therapies available and that the doctors won't administer them. Monica needs her rest. She tires very easily with this illness. They have turned her against me so I can't help her find the care she needs and she (and now I realize everyone else she knows) is (are) convinced that this is good enough. Unfortunately, this condition will deteriorate if she is not given proper care.

There was no abuse. This was well documented by Children's Aid.

I could have home schooled for a few more years. It would have been in her best interest. When she left me to live with her father, she could hear without any aids. After six months in her father's basement she lost her hearing totally. Monica was a healthy girl until she was ten.

You don't know the history of my marriage nor the reason for divorce and therefore are in no position to comment on it nor my relationship with my ex-husband's family.

I see no reason why I should be forced to associate with my ex-husband's new wife. She is no one I want to know.

By the way, I have three lawyers in my family (one in Criminal Law), four teachers with their Masters, a Police Officer in the Toronto Police Force, a VP of a Bank, a writer, The Late Treasurer of the City of York and a Pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. These are close relatives. I don't come from stupid people. For all my efforts I've made little progress.

It has come to my attention that some people are spreading vicious lies about me. These people always have.

I suggest you read the Blog again keeping this in mind. I think I did a wonderful job! It was my first try! Why did I create this Blog? Because I can!

Thank you so much for caring about Monica. So do I!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pearls of Wisdom
“There are all these laws but at the end of the day everything is legal.”

Replies to Monica's Mother's letters

I received no written replies addressing the content of my letters from anyone, but I did receive a few suggestions of whom else to contact. Keep in mind that the letters posted below are only a few of the dozens I have written over the past five years since Monica developed health problems and about the bullying problems at school.

I received a few phone calls in reply to my letters whereby I had the opportunity to vent my frustrations, but no progress was made in my favour.

The Human Rights Commission scheduled an appointment to meet with them whereby I had the opportunity to vent more of my frustrations and bring them up to date. I was advised by the agent, “There are all these laws but at the end of the day everything is legal.”

Professionals have a support network and know all the angles.
In the end, they always come up smelling like roses.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Monica's Mother thinks...........

"Who gave these people all this authority to destroy my daughter and my relationship with her?"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My reply to Monica's Sister's e-mail

Monica's Sister doesn't understand.

E-MAIL: What are you doing??? What is this for??? So the whole world can see what exactly??? I don't understand.... Why did you do this??? Does Monica know about it??? Does Dad??? I'm so amazed that you would do something like this that I don't even know what to say.....
people aren't going to just accidentally stumble upon this page you know.... I googled it and nothing came up that was related to your page....

MY REPLY: I did this because I know how!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm a wonderful mother. It's my place to protect them and find them help in anyway they need it.

This is a little desperate? YES!!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm being persecuted for being a good mother and Monica is the big loser. This treatment is inhumane.

This is Canada and we have rights! No! I have no rights! Where does that leave my children?

Why did they do this to us? Because they can and they know how!