Friday, June 15, 2007


Monica is making plans to go to University out of town. Her teachers have encouraged her, built up her self-esteem and have her psyched for it. This four year out of town adventure will cost Monica between $55,000 and $65,000 +++ interest (equivalent of about 8 years social benefits), and since Monica's Mother can’t afford to foot the bill it looks like the Government loans will cover it and, if she is able to complete the course, she will be in debt at the time of her graduation the sum of a small mortgage. Will she find a job? Who knows? After all, that is the point of higher learning – to find a job in your field and apply your skills. But these days the teachers encourage our children to attend Universities and Colleges out of town because it’s a great experience to live away from home and have all that freedom!

Who am I to discourage this let alone insist she stay? Why, I’m a human being and sombody's mother. Monica’s Mother. However, I'm no one important as far as the school system and society are concerned. I don’t count. Monica can pursue this – they will make sure of it just to spite her Mother.

By the way, I wonder if anyone knows where Monica’s Sister is? She was only able to complete one year of University out of town and is therefore only in debt to the Government for about $13,000.
I haven’t seen or heard from her in quite awhile. If you find her please ask her to call her Mother.

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