Sunday, July 22, 2007


Monica’s Mother decided to call the University’s Accessibility Office to make sure they had all the information about Monica’s special needs so Monica will fit in well when she moves into the dormitory on Campus.

Well, much to Monica’s Mother’s surprise, the University admission forms pertaining to Disabilities were left blank on Monica’s University application. Is it not required that Monica’s Catholic School Teachers make the University aware of the special needs program Monica was in at High School? Yes. Not only is it required that they know about her special program, but a medical form completed by Monica’s Physician is required to submit the application.

Didn’t Monica’s Catholic School Teachers know this? Yes. Gravediggers - each and every one of them. Who would have thought that teachers would set up a child with disabilities and who was diagnosed by Sick Children’s Hospital as having a terminal illness in such a fashion that she is doomed for failure? Did Monica’s Mother ever in her wildest nightmares think that professionals would be capable of doing this? You bet she did. Monica’s mother’s cousins are teachers and lawyers. Gravediggers - each and every one of them.

What about the fact that Monica didn’t carry a full load of courses didn’t go to school everyday because of her illness and Monica’s Mother isn’t sure she has all her credits since the Catholic High School she attended refused to send her copies of report cards? Gravediggers – each and every one of them. Monica’s Mother wasn’t nice enough and didn’t give them the upper hand.
There is a law in place that in case of divorce both parents have rights to have report cards. The problem is it doesn't stand up in Court. Lawyers have no clout in this Country's School System according to Monica's Mother's lawyers. Teachers! Gravediggers - each and every one of them.

We’ll have to wait until the Accessibility Office looks into the matter for some feedback.

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