Saturday, July 28, 2007


I spoke with my Ex last week and he tells me he and Monica went to the University to meet with Admissions (Why wasn't I invited?) who told them they would place Monica with a teacher aid. I think, why bother? $65,000 ++++ interest later and she won't have a job anyway. I can afford college, there are three year courses she can take ... why bother with University ... there's no jobs ... and one day we'll all be dead and nothing will matter. She can work. She already has. The more you make the more taxes you pay. Why would she want the responsibility? Or should she go to University so she can marry well? You know, $65,000 will cover about 8 years welfare and that doesn't include the cost of a teacher aid. I wonder what the cost of a teacher aid is?

I went to a Counselor not too long ago who told me, "You have options. If you want to go on welfare, you have this option." Is she sure? Not likely. Of course, if Monica wants to go to University just for interest sake, that's another story. Who are they kidding?

On the other hand, $65,000 ++++ interest will probably take her on a trip around the world. What an education that would be!!!!

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