Sunday, September 16, 2007


It’s been awhile since the last time we spoke and I hope this letter finds you well. I just had to get in touch with you to let you know how much trouble you’ve left me in since you wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.
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... ... According to my Ex, he is divorcing the woman he left me for after five years of marriage and just enough time to totally destroy me and my children. ... ... ... ... but I have to sit and rot with my hands tied, my back to the wall and my mouth taped shut. That’s what happens when you have a restraining order on you (nice move!).

My younger daughter is living with me, for now. She is attending College and her father will pick her up for lunch on occasion but I wasn’t allowed within 500’ of the school and call her if he wants on the cell phone I purchased for her and continue to pay the bills for because I wasn’t allowed to call the house. She spent the last few months of the school year living with a boyfriend and his parents in ... since her father & stepmother threw her out a few times but no one called me and I’m just finding out now. That was after they sent her to work in as a Gas Station Attendant so she could have enough money to buy the necessities of life and therefore was unable to save any money. My daughter is deaf except for the use of the processor that comes with the cochlear implant and is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She needs medication but the doctors won’t give her any because they have the option to kill her if they want to and I’ve now been informed that the cochlear implant comes with a three year warranty that has just expired and now she’ll be responsible for the cost of maintaining it and no drug plan covers this expense. The batteries alone cost $1,200 a year. Who would treat a terminally ill child this way let alone the Mother of this child.

My older daughter is back from England where she worked as a nanny for almost two years (we once lived in a neighborhood where the neighbors employed nannies), but she didn’t get in touch with me and I finally found her phone number on my younger daughter’s cell phone and was able to call her but neither she or anyone else will tell me where she is. I per chanced to cross her path just today and I’ve taken down her Licence Plate #-----------. According to her she is living with a boy and his father ... ... but won’t say anything else. I wonder if I can somehow find out her address from tracking the Plate number?

All my family members in law enforcement and related fields will be more than happy to pick my dead children up off the street but refuse to intervene. How must this look on you? What kind of a reputation do you all have since you are my relatives and each had a hand at destroyed me and my family by not giving me the benefit of the doubt? What's in this for you to destroy me and my children?

Have I rotted enough? Apparently not. Look at all the trouble I’ve gotten into because I thought to keep my sick child home from school while she was under assessment at Sick Kids. Didn’t your mother home school your brother for a year thirty years ago? There will be no end to me rotting as far as everyone is concerned since I don’t have a University degree and therefore am no one important with those who do.

I am no longer in touch with any family members (and haven't been for several years) because they refuse to give me the help I need and I don’t “be nice enough” to them. Although I’ve notified as many law enforcement agencies and government boards as I could think of but they all give the upper hand to the people with University Degrees.

It suddenly occurred to me that, for some reason, you don’t understand this stuff. But how can this be if you’re a criminal lawyer? ... ... ... ... ... Lucky for me since (my family) have several family members in the Canadian Military since the late 1950’s and still are! After all this, the bad guys win!
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Have a great weekend!

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