Sunday, November 11, 2007

No reply from Monica's Mother's Cousin in Criminal Law ... ....

Monica and her Mother get "Trolled" by the authorities.
But why?
Because they can and they know how.

What about Monica’s Mother’s relatives who are in positions to help? If they don’t look out for their own, who do they look out for?

Well, as the saying goes,

“When one door shuts, another one opens.”

In this case all those doors AND windows were shut and which new ones have opened to offer the opportunities Monica would have had if she had walked through one of the other doors? None. The same is true for Monica’s Mother.

On another note, things have changed for Monica since she has moved back with her Mother. Both Monica and her Mother agree that apartment living is great!

Monica started College and finds it a bit too much to handle even though it is a light course load and Monica’s Mother drives her to the College door and picks-up and drives her home. Taking Public Transit would not have worked since it would have worn her out. Monica’s tired and finds College a bit overwhelming so is considering taking a lighter course load which will extend her course and it will take four years instead of two to complete the diploma course. Monica’s Mother thinks this might work and has no regrets about not sending her out of town to University. Monica has received a lot of support from the College staff and through the changes they are planning to make to her program Monica hopes to find some balance.
Monica is having problems with insomnia and is now taking prescribed medication and hopes this too will pass. Monica's health has lots of room for improvement and Monica's Mother feels Monica has been left in limbo in this regard and without a support network to rely on. "Figure it out for herself." Living without the sense of hearing is difficult whether you are born deaf or you lose your hearing later in life and being belittled to think that you should try harder and do better is not a good approach as far as Monica's Mother is concerned. The devices available online at ~The Canadian Hearing Society~ relieve a lot of stress, confusion and worry and Monica's Mother is so glad to have looked into it. Most people think that a cochlear implant is the solution to deafness but it's only an aid. There are many more hurdles to overcome.
Memories of Sesame Street

(a favorite at Monica's Mother's House)

Monica insists on working part-time so she can have her own money even though Monica’s Mother prefers Monica concentrate on her studies but this was not negotiable since Monica likes to have money to spend as opposed to nickel and diming it. She was hired at a wonderful bookstore a short walk from the apartment and loves working in that environment. It even has it’s own coffee shop. As a matter of fact, Monica was given the opportunity by one of her College Professors to interview a grand daughter of a member of The Famous Five as part of a project and Monica arranged to meet her at the coffee shop for the interview. Monica was thrilled.

Monica’s Mother had never heard of The Famous Five and so she did some homework online. ~The Famous Five~ were ~“Suffragists”~. And Monica’s Mother realized that having had this experience, she falls into the ranks of ~“Suffragettes”~. So many doors and windows have shut and this one has opened.

Monica’s Sister hasn’t been seen or heard from in awhile since she changed her phone number and Monica’s Mother can’t get in touch with her anymore and doesn’t know where she is living and hasn’t seen her in several years, and so Monica’s Mother thought it was time to file a Police Report. Well, the Police did find Monica’s Sister but wouldn’t tell Monica’s Mother where she was because Monica’s Sister didn’t want her to know where she is, and the law respects Monica’s Sister’s rights.

Monica’s Mother tried to explain that she was having anxiety attacks and at times felt suicidal being separated from her daughter who could be offering Monica so much support and guidance and, for that matter, her mother as well. The Police explained that if Monica’s Mother threatens to commit suicide they are obligated, by law, to bring her to a Psychiatric Hospital for assessment and treatment.

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