Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monica’s Mother Loses Her Job

… and so she’s one step closer to the welfare rolls.

Monica no longer has her part-time job either since it was a seasonal job, so Monica has applied for Disability Benefits through the Government because being deaf and having a terminal illness qualifies a person for this benefit. Who knew! Of course there’s an application process to go through and hopefully all will go well. Well, what a load off Monica’s shoulders to know that she doesn’t have to go to work and pass out or get so run down and then be bedridden for days until she recuperates! She can still work if her health holds up and if she can find work with deductions from the amount of the benefit depending on her income. Now that Monica knows she can go to the dentist and can have medicine and some pocket money of her own she can concentrate on feeling better and with all this stress relieved, she feels better already. So does Monica’s Mother. All that's left is to find a doctor who can identify a medication that will improve Monica's health but first they have to make the right diagnosis. That won't be difficult. Monica's Mother hasn't found one yet. It's been seven years since Monica's health started to deteriorate and not one prescription has been written for drugs to improve Monica's health. Alternative medicine and vitamins have gotten Monica this far. What does this tell us? Doctors in Canada promote alternative medicine. If they don't prescribe anything when you visit that will make you feel better or relieve your pain, the only option is to look into alternative medicine.

Let’s face it, Monica’s Mother is middle age and it’s not unusual for people to drop dead from heart attacks and strokes at fifty. Let’s not forget there’s also a chance Monica’s Mother can perish in a car accident. It happens often. Once Monica qualifies for this benefit, Monica and her Mother can rest a little easier that, if Monica’s Mother does drop dead, Monica will not be fed to the wolves. Are you sure?

Who do these teachers think they are brainwashing children with disabilities into believing there’s a ton of opportunities for them? Monica’s Mother has a College Diploma ~ a lot of good it did her! Monica’s Mother is now unemployed and job prospects are bleak.
Does there seem to be a lawsuit in this experience? Not a chance. What good is having all these lawyers in our family?
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