Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My reply to Anonymous' e-mail

reread the blog and you just have to let it go! This is a form of harassment and since you are noting her directly its unappreciated. Why don't you just talk to your daughters one on one instead of doing this. What you should do, and what I suggest is writing it in a journal, saved on your computer and then keep it off the internet. I know that you are most likely angry at the world right now and if writing it out is your outlet then you should stick to it. But in a less public way. How is that suggestion?


You are still missing the point!

You must be living in some small hick town or perhaps a cave with this attitude. To think that there are people like you, in this day and age when everyone is travelling to other countries for Stem Cell Surgery to cure whatever ails them. Monica developed health problems and has been diagnosed with a terminal illness but wherever I turn people like you tell me to leave it alone. You're bent on destroying her! To the point that I can't even spend time with her. Who's ass are you trying to save? Not Monica's.

Not too long ago a young boy in Toronto died of starvation at the hands of Children's Aid because they turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. I'm sure you've heard about this incident. It was all over the news and they even had a Court hearing. A lot of good it does after the child is dead.

Monica's health deteriorated because I was forced to follow the mandates of the                      ~Court in Newmarket.~ At the hands of Children's Aid Monica is now deaf! I'm tired of everyone telling me to let her die! Monica has the right to live and I have the right to be with my daughter. Thanks to all of you who have her convinced that her mother is not worth her time and that she should die young, she's given up.

There are several treatments available for these health problems but the Doctors don't want to give her any. It's a matter of principal. They don't want to give a person without a University Degree the upper hand. They play Russian Roulette with our children's lives. In this case, they don't care! Why?

And since when do Teachers have more control over these children than their parents? They do in York Region!

I feel compelled to find help for my daughter! And who are you and who are they to insist otherwise?

I wonder if you remember or have ever heard of an old movie, "Lorenzo's Oil"?

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