Friday, November 03, 2006

About Monica's Mother's Family

Monica's Mother comes from a large family whose help and support are priceless except for the fact that they haven’t offered any! Minor details and few exceptions.

Thanks to all the higher learners in this family who dug my grave, I have had to resort to this! I deserve it – No! I can’t be with my children – Why! Kiss ass – Fat chance of that happening! Run like the wind – I did, and how! Don’t rock the boat – they have reputations to maintain and want to move up in the world. With family like this who needs enemies?

What happened to, “Blood is thicker than water.” I’m adopted, they say. I say, so are they! And so it’s been several years that I have had no communication with my family members. What a Godsend! In this case, yes. It’s difficult to deal with all their psychological abuse tactics when I have to fight a war to save my daughters and myself.

The obvious fact that they want so desperately for me to fail is evident in every move they make. It’s always against me. Not that they are bent on destroying me. Are you sure?

I admit there is a communication problem between us. They don’t see the path
I want to take, they only see where they want me to go.

They don’t “Speaka My Language”.

My thanks to those who have offered help and to the few who have gone out of their way. It has come to this just the same, as I told them it would considering the people I’m dealing with.

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