Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Monica has moved back to Toronto and is living in a seedy neighbourhood.  Monica was able to tell her Mother where the general area is but not her specific address and Monica’s Mother has been granted visitation privileges.  Monica’s Mother will pick Monica up and drop her off at a convenient street corner.

The original warranty on Monica’s Cochlear Implant Processor expires at the end of October and the extended warranty will cost $80 a month.  The cost of a new Processor is $10,000, less an $8,500 government grant which only applies once every ten years.  If a replacement is required before the end of the ten-year period Monica will have to pay the entire cost.  Ten years, and less than ten years, is the lifespan of a Cochlear Implant Processor.

Monica is now ninety-six pounds, five feet, four inches tall and visibly anorexic.  This happens when people don’t eat.  Monica is unable to work due to her health problems.  Monica’s Mother wants to know … … just what was the purpose of York Region Children’s Aid taking her to Court four times and mandating her to send Monica back to school?  Monica’s poor health does not qualify Monica to be employed so why did she have to go to school?  People with terminal illnesses do not need to develop socializing skills by high society's standards because they’re too sick to leave the house!  Monica has yet to find a doctor to address her medical condition and it is obvious to Monica’s Mother that Monica will be a doctor’s human sacrifice.

Monica will be twenty-one on October 17, 2010.  

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