Monday, September 18, 2006

My Letter to Monica's Catholic High School Principal

April 2, 2006

This letter originated from Toronto where we have freedom of speech.

I would like you to know that my family and I were victims of the Newmarket Courthouse (an all woman world) and Supreme Beings with University Degrees.

My daughter, Monica, is a student at your High School who is now in the co-op program with a placement at Chapters.

Monica is not a warrior!

I am writing to let you know that I am opposed to this placement. My daughter has serious medical issues and asking her to be at a co-op placement at 7:30 in the morning five days a week is wearing her down. My daughter has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, as your files will indicate. This is a degenerative illness and she needs special care and attention. If you take some time to do a bit of research with “Google” you will easily find the information that this illness causes stroke like seizures. Working at Chapters is added stress which is unnecessary and harmful to her condition. “I’m just an overprotective mother.” I’d like to bring to your attention that I have this option and who are you to insist otherwise?

I would also like to bring to your attention, that the first year she attended Sacred Heart your staff, her father and step-mother made it a collaborative effort to destroy her and she ended up in hospital for a cochlear implant, without my knowledge, while I was fighting with legal counsel to have visitations, whose only advice was “Be nice”. Why bother, it doesn’t work.

Contrary to what her father, step-mother and his family will have you believe, I was not abusive with my children. This was well documented by Children’s Aid when they came into my home and dragged me into court for home schooling my sick child.

The second year at your school, she lost fifteen pounds and you ran her ragged during the ten month period. She spent the summer with me, I took two months off work, took her to a Naturopathic Doctor which cost me $2,000 in fees and vitamins, I catered to her every need and nursed her back to health.

This year she has again lost five pounds and thanks to this placement is exhausted and sleeps most of the day on Saturday. I don’t know how much it will cost me this summer to nurse her back to health, again. By the way, I can’t find a job and I’m living off my savings. I have no spousal benefits after sixteen years of being an at home mom, thanks to my lawyers from Aurora/Newmarket who misrepresented me and there’s no turning back. I’m on my way to the welfare rolls unless things with the job market change.

Thanks to people like you who turn blind eye and a deaf ear to my concerns (it comes with having a University Degree these days) I now have a restraining order on me. It seems Monica’s step-mother, who lies about me constantly and has destroyed my reputation, has some ties with the Newmarket Police Department, after all she works for Ford and they have clout in your small, hick town of Newmarket. This would have never happened in Toronto. Talk about a double standard!

I rarely see Monica, thanks to people like you, and the rest of the people she is associating with who have her convinced that a social life is more important than her mother. Are you sure you’re Christian? No, you’re not!

I should also bring to your attention that Monica is now 16 and can drop out of school which would be to her advantage since your system seems bent on killing her!

I’m sure this letter will get me nowhere, on the contrary, I’m digging my grave, and, let’s face it, in a year she’ll be out of your hands and the damage will have been done, it already has and you’ve all done such a wonderful job!

You win! I can blame it on the system! One phone call from a female doctor to Children’s Aid of York Region, who refused to address Monica’s medical problems or prescribe medication, has destroyed me and my children! She is now practicing in Newmarket. Satisfied!

After all it took for the Government to promote women so they can be in positions of responsibility, when they get there they destroy women like me. Well, I don’t have a University Degree, and who am I compared to you! They make it a group effort. Don’t want us to get one up on you! What were they thinking!
***After writing this letter, Monica's Catholic High School Principal was kind enough to find Monica a different placement without notifiying me, at all.
This wasn't the purpose of the letter. I didn't want her sent anywhere.
And because I caused this trouble, Monica wouldn't tell me where her new placement was.


Anonymous said...

We have never met before, but im one of monica's friends from school. Let me tell you something about your daughter. I have known monica since grade 9. We have been really good friends and I feel that I know more about your own daughter then you do. LOOK AT HER! monica is one for the strongest person i know, and at times she is even stronger then me. I respect her so much for how she lives her life and how she deals with her problems everyday. Monica does not let her medical conditions control her life, and she shouldnt. With this blog you have created to parade your daughter and her medical problems around to the WORLD is not an act of a caring mother. it is the act of a women who wants to use her daughter to get attention. It is an act of selfishness and greed. you keep saying that you took monica out of the school system to protect her from bullies but in return you didnt. YOU are the worst bully of them all. Do you have anyt idea what this blog is doing to monica? do u know how it is making her feel? She has been CRYING to me about it because it is upsetting her.

As i have said, i have gone to school with monica for 4 years. i have 2 classes with her this semester and i wish that one day i could have as much courage as monica does. monica does not live her life in thhe shadows of her illness, her illness lives in her shadow and i can not express in words how much your daughter has taught me. I too have a medical condition that prevents me in doing a lot of things but my parents have always encouraged me to live above it and it has made me a better person. I encourage her to live that way at school and truthfully she is happier when she does.

she is happy. Very happy. she has a boyfriend that cares for her. friends that care for her. i care for her. a family that cares for her. i believe monica with everything she has told me about u and im discusted that u would do something like this to you own daughter. i dont think the monica's medical conditions are ruining her life, i think u are. and if u really want to help monica and help her get better then just stay away from her completely because u are whats making her more sick. im going to come back in a week i want to see this blog off the internet because this blog and ur presence in her life are causeing monica more psychological damage then anything going on in her life combined.

Anonymous said...

I am also a friend of Monica's and what you are doing is wrong. You're making it out that Monica isn't "normal" or something when she's just like everybody else. She's a great person who's sweet and kind and the only person that your making out to be bad is yourself. Monica is an incredible intellectual and her boyfriend cares very much for her. Her friends care very much about her and you're lucky you're not getting sued over this.