Friday, April 25, 2008

An E-Mail To Monica’s Sister From Monica’s Mother Because Monica’s Mother Doesn’t Have Monica's Sister's Phone Number.

I know I told you I had Monica apply for the Disability Benefit and everything was going well until I called last month to follow up and the Rep told me that Monica's Grandmother, (paternal), had called her and things have changed.

What does this old, illiterate, immigrant woman have to do with my daughter, Monica? Monica had no knowledge of her grandmother calling the Disability office. I’ve told Monica to call the Rep and follow up herself but she tells me she doesn't have the number. I know she took the entire folder with her when she left and probably handed it over to her grandmother.

Do you think this is fair to Monica? They’ve tied and gagged me and no help from you either. Can't you just buy a gun and shoot me? I'd appreciate it.

Can you please look into this and see what you can find out?


Does everyone know yet that ex-husband’s can do whatever they want to ex-wives and the police and lawyers let them get away with it? Monica’s Mother is living proof. Monica’s Mother’s ex-husband does whatever he wants and Monica’s Mother has to take it. The police and lawyers make sure of it. And what good is having lawyers in the family when they just dig your grave further when you’re in trouble?

Don’t rock the boat. It’s not good for their careers.

All these laws and legislation … … What laws and legislation?

Does this country have Divorce Laws? Not in Monica’s Mother’s case. ~ It’s a free for all – a lawless society.~
Monica tells me she working on weekends now.

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