Thursday, March 13, 2008

And Another E-mail. Why Does Monica's Mother Bother?

I have an 18 year old daughter who is in the process of applying for the Ontario Disability Program. Her name is Monica.

According to the woman who interviewed her, she should have no problem receiving the benefit since there is no denying she is deaf and this alone is enough to qualify.

Monica has been in poor health since she was 10 and I’ve been fighting with doctors to provide medical treatment. Since she did not receive any treatment whatsoever, her condition deteriorated and she lost her hearing. I know there are still several treatments that will improve her condition but the doctors I’ve been dealing with seem to be so busy covering up their mistakes and refuse to give her proper care and this alone will eventually send her to a point of no return. It seems to be their intention where she is concerned. I’m convinced they want to institutionalize her.

Relying on social benefits is never a good thing but it is necessary for her survival. I’d like to point out that if she had been attended to properly, by qualified doctors, this would not have happened and she would still be well and she would not have to fall into the hands of “The System”. I know there are treatments to improve her health but the doctors have so far refused to administer them.

I wonder how many others are on the disability roles only because the doctors are holding back on treatment? Or are they just trying to generate their own business? Isn’t this practice costing taxpayers a lot of money?

As a mother my world has fallen apart and you can imagine that Monica’s has as well. What’s wrong with our medical system that doctors refuse to treat their patients so they will regain their health? If the treatment is expensive, the cost of going on the disability benefit for the rest of her life will probably amount to much more.

If you think about it, is that the reason why the disabled are being forced into the workforce now? There’s a savings on both ends. No disability benefits and no medical expenses.

Something is very wrong.

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