Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monica's Mother Writes Another Letter (slightly edited). Why Does She Bother?

Re: Our Medical System

I’m writing, again, to bring to your attention the problems I have finding medical attention for my daughter in Toronto.

My daughter became ill seven years ago and I was unable to get medical attention for her in Aurora with her family doctor who refused to deal with the problem so I went for a drive to Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto and there she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It has been seven years since I set foot in Sick Kid’s and to date there have been no prescribed drugs given to her. She is having strokes/seizures, she has problems breathing, she’s lost some motor abilities and has lost her hearing.

I’ve tried to ask for a second opinion but have not been able to get a referral because everyone I’ve spoken to tells me if she’s been seen at Sick Kids she’s been seen by the best. It’s not true. I’ve filed reports with the Police, ----------------, -------- and many others with no help in sight.

How can a person who is having these symptoms not be on medication? No drugs to control her strokes, no puffer to help her breathe and they refuse to send her for physiotherapy to help her regain her strength. The only thing the doctor has given her is CoEnzyme Q10. Not a prescription drug. All this neglect when everywhere in the world stroke victims are being treated with ~ stem cells. ~

I’m convinced that the doctors have stamped her file with “Let her die”. I have three lawyers in my family who insist I do not pursue this because I won’t win a malpractice suit. This is not about malpractice I just want my daughter to have medical attention. Who do my family members think they are not to help her? Isn’t this premeditated manslaughter?

This has been going on long enough! I don’t want to bury my daughter. I want to know what measures I have to take to have a doctor address her medical problems.

--------------------------------------- etc., etc.

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