Saturday, April 07, 2007


I’m writing this e-mail hoping it falls into the right hands.

I have a daughter who lost her hearing a few years ago and was
given a ~cochlear implant.~
She has also been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her name is Monica and she attends a Catholic School in Newmarket.

We are separated because of divorce and no one keeps me up to date with school or medical reports even though I’ve tried to go through legal channels and I’ve even filed a Police Report.

The school will not send me Report Cards or keep me up to date with her progress even though I’ve written letters to the Principal requesting they do so.

Just recently my daughter informs me she has applied to University. I’m sure the school gives her their full support. Isn’t this inhumane? Where will she get the money.

My older daughter was shipped off to University in Guelph without my signature on the forms, without my consent but with a message from her father to me to fork out the cash. She attended for one year and left. It cost her over $13,000. She is now in debt with nothing to show for it.

What kind of a Social System is this when a mother has been stripped of her rights to see her children by a bunch of lying, cheating bitches and bastards who are above the law!

There is a reason for this. They live in Newmarket and her step-mother works for Ford.

She is also sent to work at a burger joint for spending money because her father refuses to give her any. They blame it on me not paying my support. My lawyer called the shots and the deal was no spousal support for me and I was off the hook for child support. I told him this would happen! What kind of a lawyer does this? Now my terminally ill child is forced to work so she can have clothes, they don't want her to visit with me and I'm lucky to have food because I can't find a job. They might let me keep the one I'm working at now after five years of off and on working temp. Here's the catch - I don't have a disability or a terminal illness. What will University train my daughter for if there's no jobs even if she is capable of completing the course.

Talk about getting screwed royally!!

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