Sunday, October 01, 2006

My reply to Monica's Sister's e-mail

Monica's Sister doesn't understand.

What are you doing??? What is this for??? So the whole world can see what exactly??? I don't understand.... Why did you do this??? Does Monica know about it??? Does Dad??? I'm so amazed that you would do something like this that I don't even know what to say.....people aren't going to just accidentally stumble upon this page you know.... I googled it and nothing came up that was related to your page....

I did this because I know how!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm a wonderful mother. It's my place to protect them and find them help in anyway they need it.

This is a little desperate? YES!!

What Monica's Sister doesn't understand is that I'm being persecuted for being a good mother and Monica is the big loser. This treatment is inhumane.

This is Canada and we have rights! No! I have no rights! Where does that leave my children?

Why did they do this to us? Because they can and they know how!

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