Sunday, February 04, 2007


I want to explain why I created this blog.
*Last fall there was a shooting at ~ Dawson College ~ where a young man, Kimveer Gill, opened fire on staff and students. The news reported about his blog and the messages he had written. At that time I had never heard of "BLOGS" so I decided to investigate and I found enough information online to get started.*This act of violence provoked me to create this blog. I have been dealing with problems that I can't resolve related to my daughter who was a victim of bullying in elementary school so severe that she eventually developed health problems and I pulled her out of school and decided to home school. The rest is too complicated to explain but if you read on into the Archives it will paint the picture.
Kimveer had written about bullying problems in his blog and blamed this bullying for other problems he developed later. He also wrote that no one cared. My daughter was destroyed by it and there's no turning back. No one cared.*I've used the blog to illustrate the avenues I've taken to try to help my daughter to no avail, and I've sent letters to Government and Interest Groups to try to find and end to all of this. I thought it would be more effective than just sending letters and all the copies of letters I had
written to others. I wonder if it's passed your desk? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I've written many more letters and spoken to many agencies over the past five years including filing a Police Report and I get nowhere.
According lawyers I have spoken to and my family members who are lawyers "You can't fight Children's Aid.", "No one wins Malpractice suits in Canada." and "Lawyers have no clout in the School System".*
If they say so it's true! What's left?

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