Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monica's Mother's Reply to Rob's Comments

Rob's E-Mail:

Thanks for the reply. A lot of interesting stuff in it.

I pray that your daughter has good hearing.

How is her health other than her hearing?

That must be VERY hard not seeing your daughter, I also pray that the Lord's will be done with your daughter.

What benefits have you found from maintaining your blog?
My Reply:

Dear Rob,

My blog has upset a lot of people including my children who can’t understand why I would do this. I thought it would be an effective way of relaying this experience I’ve had and I set it up with the intention of sharing it with other groups, media and government just as an alternative to sending copies of all the letters I’ve written. I did pass on the URL address to a lot of them who are not in the habit of writing back but I keep an eye on the news reports and see some related stories.

Thanks for your prayers.

Monica is deaf now but can hear with the use of the cochlear implant quite well. Since she had full hearing until she was eleven there was little to adjust to and was a Godsend, after the fact. I did add a link to the September and October archive in the "Letter to Monica's Catholic ~High School Principal"~ that takes you to a website all about cochlear implants. According to doctors her hearing will not return. As far as the rest of her health, there is lots of room for improvement if I can find a way for her to fall into the right hands. It’s hard to believe but the Medical Doctors up here don’t feel the same way and have given her no hope. The Naturopathic Doctors were a great help while she was living with me. However, Children’s Aid of York Region is opposed to alternative medicine and insisted I take her off it. It was part of the case against me and they accused me of “self-medicating” and dragged me to Court four times because I refused to send her back to school. The school system and community where she lives is of the belief that hard work and slave labor builds character and makes you stronger. As far as I’m concerned she’s being abused but I guess it’s all relative and I’ve been labeled overprotective (and worse) and no one wants to listen to my complaining. These small towns are notorious for being “controlled”. Things would have been very different for her if we had stayed in Toronto. It was a bad move on our part but these things can’t be anticipated.

Monica accepts the diagnosis that this is as good as it gets so does the rest of the family and they don’t want me to pursue this so they keep her away from me as if they don’t want her to get better. I don’t understand this. She tires very easily and needs a lot of sleep. It’s part of the illness and it makes a huge difference when she is allowed to rest and sleep. She’s encouraged to do things everyone else does and she does on the most part, no choice. They seem to use her to prove a point. How her mother wants to deal with this matter is irrelevant. “The System” has the upper hand and will deal with it their way.

Not seeing my children is very difficult and makes me numb to everything else. It’s psychological abuse. Add to this that the school refuses to keep me up to date with her progress and the Doctors won't give me reports either.
I didn't see them for Christmas, by the way, because I refused to delete this blog.

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