Sunday, October 01, 2006

Monica's Ex-boyfriend's e-mail

Hello once again,

Yes, I am 18, the only coaching I have received has been from my parents when I was growing up. As for the "I'm not a parent" part... you don't know me, I have a 3 year old sister that I end up taking care of quite a lot. I know that if someone tried to harm her in any way I would make sure they suffer for it. If my sister is in any need of help, I will try to help her, but if my sister refuses my help I will still respect that.

I guess if you really continue claiming that I am being 'coached' I'd have to say it is probably the fact that I am very interested in philosophy.

You ask who exactly I am... I am Monica's ex-boyfrined, a friend, and someone who respects his friends. I have never claimed any authority over her, nor am I challenging yours, or at least the very little that is left.

I posed you with the question: "What do you do when Monica turns 18 and decides to completely cut off all ties with you?" Are you going to try to force her to stay with you? If that is the case then she can easily sue you for abduction.

I am not really judging you because, honestly you hold no value to me. I don't know you, you don't know me, you attempt something that in the end will fail no matter what because your daughter does NOT want you to succeed.

Again, one cannot judge without knowing all the facts, which I obviously do not. Therefore I am not judging you, I am just telling you that unless you do something about the situation, you are going to lose your daughter not to an illness, but to the fact that she would rather not see you

Take this however you want,

PS. My name is spelled "SVETLIO" :) ...

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