Monday, September 18, 2006

My Letter to the Di Bernardo Family

April 25, 2006

The Editor
The Toronto Star

To The Editor:

Re: Your Article, Saturday, April 22, 2006 - ~ Brooke Di Bernardo ~

I’d like to thank you for writing this article about Brooke Di Bernardo and wish to extend my condolences to the family.

I’m finding myself in a similar situation. I took the home school route but my attempts to help my child were ruined when Children’s Aid of York Region stepped in and mandated me to send Monica back to school. Her health deteriorated after that. She lost her hearing and now has a cochlear implant. She is still struggling with other health issues while she continues to go to school and all involved want her to try harder.

My daughter and I are now separated by divorce because of extenuating circumstances but I continue to fight this issue because it won’t go away.

I hope if this message gets to her family it might lift some guilt off their shoulders. For all the effort I’ve put into this I’ve made little progress.

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