Monday, April 05, 2010

Two years have passed almost to the day and Monica’s Mother’s ex-husband graciously granted Monica’s Mother a visit with Monica the day before Easter.  Monica is now 95 pounds.  At 5’ 4” tall, it’s safe to say that Monica is now suffering from anorexia and, Monica now tells her Mother, that she has had several stints at hospitals without Monica's Mother's knowledge.  And they say it’s not true that Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital is in ~ the business of killing children ~ and ditto for Children's Aid.

They’ll have Monica’s Mother believe that ~ she just has not done enough ~ to find medical attention for Monica.  Who is left to report this matter to?

According to Monica, they are no longer living in ~ Newmarket, ~ they live somewhere in Mississauga but, Monica has not been given permission to give her Mother her present address.  Monica promised to come back again to visit.

~ Monica’s Sister is nowhere to be found.~

9:30 p.m. Monday, April 5, 2010
Monica's Mother's receives a phone call from her ex-husband but he blocks the phone # from call ident, as usual, so Monica's Mother can't call back.  He advises Monica's Mother that she cannot see Monica again and abruptly hangs up.  Is he trying to force Monica's Mother to suicide?  That's the way Monica's Mother sees it.  Monica's Mother has one foot in her grave and the other in her coffin and so does Monica.  Who should Monica's Mother report this incident to?  NO ONE!  She's been warned by the authorities... ... it's the nut house for her!

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