Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 - The Summer of Influenza

Doctors are giving parents permission to keep their children home if they catch the flu! Well, this is unheard of! What's the big deal about the flu? Apparently, this flu bug can be deadly! What about strokes? Let me assure you, if this conidition goes untreated it is also deadly.
Monica was a victim of a pediatric stroke and Monica's Mother was taken to court four times and mandated to send Monica back to school before Monica had fully re-couperated. In a short period of time Monica's condition deteriorated since Monica's medical needs were not addressed by the doctors caring for her.
Where's the justice in our society? We've all heard of ~ "The Blind Lady of Justice" ~ and that's just what these female judges are, blind (and deaf and dumb). Or, was this done out of spitefulness? Yes, that's what Monica's Mother thinks, it was done out of spitefulness. Monica's Mother wishes these women had stayed home and sat on their asses instead of going to University and ditto for all the female doctors who put their hands on Monica. Monica's Mother's experience with females in positions of responsibility has been that they are all lesbians and they recruit, and how. We an say farewell to the family unit now that Gay Pride has rights. Who knew that if you give gays to many rights those of us who are straight don't have any!
What does Monica's future hold for her now that she is left without hearing and still with medical issues that the doctors refuse to address nine years after the fact so the doctors don't "lose face". Well, with three lawyers in Monica's Mother's family you would think they would have found a way out of this hell for Monica and Monica's Mother. Yes, they did! They trolled us both to the umpest and left us for the welfare rolls and, as everyone knows, no one listens to the complaints of us low lifes.

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