Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My reply to "Comments" from Monica's ex-boyfriend, friends, etc., etc..........

Well, I wasn't expecting this!

You seem to be missing the point. You don't know the details of Monica's illness nor the fact that there are different therapies available and that the doctors won't administer them. Monica needs her rest. She tires very easily with this illness. They have turned her against me so I can't help her find the care she needs and she (and now I realize everyone else she knows) is (are) convinced that this is good enough. Unfortunately, this condition will deteriorate if she is not given proper care.

There was no abuse. This was well documented by Children's Aid.

I could have home schooled for a few more years. It would have been in her best interest. When she left me to live with her father, she could hear without any aids. After six months in her father's basement she lost her hearing totally. Monica was a healthy girl until she was ten.

You don't know the history of my marriage nor the reason for divorce and therefore are in no position to comment on it nor my relationship with my ex-husband's family.

I see no reason why I should be forced to associate with my ex-husband's new wife. She is no one I want to know.

By the way, I have three lawyers in my family (one in Criminal Law), four teachers with their Masters, a Police Officer in the Toronto Police Force, a VP of a Bank, a writer, The Late Treasurer of the City of York and a Pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. These are close relatives. I don't come from stupid people. For all my efforts I've made little progress.

It has come to my attention that some people are spreading vicious lies about me. These people always have.

I suggest you read the Blog again keeping this in mind. I think I did a wonderful job! It was my first try! Why did I create this Blog? Because I can!

Thank you so much for caring about Monica. So do I!


Anonymous said...

If you truly cared about your daughter, then you would take this blog off the internet. This blog has brought tears to her eyes and pain in her heart. By keeping it on the web, it shows that you dont give a shit about her or her feelings. All you want is attention, and your using monica's illness to get it.

I have read the blog again and my position still stands. YOU ARE A BAD MOTHER AND UR RUINING YOUR DAUGHTERS LIFE! You might not come from stupid people, but you sure are stupid if you think that those rude letters that you call "letters of concern and a cry for help" are going to get answered. I was shocked that you could ever think about writing something like that. Arn't you embaressed for yourself? People with a university degree are not out to get you, they are smart enough to know when a letter is coming from a insane attention hungry women who is low enough to use her daughter to get to the top. that makes me sick and so do you.

Anonymous said...

I reread the blog and you just have to let it go! This is a form of harassment and since you are noting her directly its unappreciated. Why don't you just talk to your daughters one on one instead of doing this. What you should do, and what I suggest is writing it in a journal, saved on your computer and then keep it off the internet. I know that you are most likely angry at the world right now and if writing it out is your outlet then you should stick to it. But in a less public way. How is that suggestion?