Sunday, September 24, 2006

Replies to Monica's Mother's letters

I received no written replies addressing the content of my letters from anyone, but I did receive a few suggestions of whom else to contact. Keep in mind that the letters posted below are only a few of the dozens I have written over the past five years since Monica developed health problems and about the bullying problems at school.

I received a few phone calls in reply to my letters whereby I had the opportunity to vent my frustrations, but no progress was made in my favour.

The Human Rights Commission scheduled an appointment to meet with them whereby I had the opportunity to vent more of my frustrations and bring them up to date. I was advised by the agent, “There are all these laws but at the end of the day everything is legal.”

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Daemon - Your worse nightmare said...

OKEY NOW! Listen carefully here...
FIRST - You need to realize that your daughter is actually happy now... she has good things going for her in her life.
SECOND - You are NOT worthy of being a mother... BEATING your child JUST so that she can be afraid of you is not a way to raise a family
THIRD - TELLING your child that her father might not really be her father only says two things to her... One being "Your mother is a slut that sleeps around" and second "I don't want you to trust your father" ... forgive me, but that is a PERFECT way to raise a child... yes... You win the mother of the millennium reward...
FORTH - The court issued a restraining order against you... maybe that should tell you SOMETHING! Human rights? Women, read the damn legislation please... your rights on Monica have ALREADY been suspended. YOU ARE NOT FIT TO TAKE CARE OF HER!!!
FIFTH - Her illness is true, that I give you... but that gives you NO right to go posting about it because you are too lonely and desperate. A LOT of people have illnesses in this world... BUT they live on, Monica has lived with it this long, she is not an idiot and she will continue living on and WILL manage to have a good life in the end... SHE IS A WARRIOR!
SIXTH - A lot of children do get bullied in school, it is a sad truth... but a child's self esteem starts AT HOME... if a child is subjected to the abuse you threw upon your daughter... well, psychological studies have in fact shown that their way through school will be quite miserable... so if ANYTHING... BLAME YOURSELF for what you did to your daughter!
SEVENTH - You know you need mental help... several courts HAVE told you so. Maybe if you really were as good of a mother as you claim you are and if the 'system' was ripping you off that badly... Then don't you think that maybe... Just maybe... Your husband would still be with you... Maybe by your side? Or maybe your other daughter? The one that you have beaten so many times and you don't give a shit about?
EIGHT - You are ruining your daughter's life even now... how can you SEND her the link to this? Have you no shame?! Guess what your daughter's reaction was when she saw this? oh of course you know because you wanted her to cry and to be asking her friends if she can sue YOU for something because of this little blog of yours... you honestly disgust me, I never thought I would ever seen anyone sink this low.

And just for your information...
This was posted by Svetlio, Monica's old boyfriend... someone who actually cares about her, someone who wants to see her happy...
I don't know if you remember me, we talked on the phone once... if you do however, and if you are interested in getting back to me you can e-mail me at since you chose to use the internet. But if you DO decide to talk in person, send me an e-mail and tell me, I'll tell you how to get in touch with me... Deal?!

I actually do hope you contact me, because there are a few more things that I would like to say to you... and by the way... DO NOT DARE EXPRESS YOUR ANGER ON YOUR DAUGHTERS!